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Tips to Shop for Right Bridal Shoes

Among all the various types of bridal accessories to match your wedding dress, bridal shoes are possibly the most important ones. For few brides, finding the ideal wedding shoe is equally thrilling to falling in love with the ideal wedding dress.

While for other brides, picking a solid wedding shoe is as simple as considering comfort. Ultimately, your wedding shoe has a huge role to fulfill as you will have to wear them for long hours on that day. Listed below are some of the tips that you can refer to when choosing a pair of bridal shoes?

  • The first thing you should take into consideration when selecting your wedding shoes is the length of your wedding dress. Hence, experts often say that it is better to select your wedding shoes prior to the dress so that the dress can be adjusted consequently. Make sure you can walk comfortably and upright without tripping on the hem. In the same manner, consider embellishment and beading on the shoes as this might catch the bottom of the dress, possibly leading to a tear or snag.
  • If you are planning to shop online, it is always better to buy early as sizes can run out quite quick. In case the sizes run out, the lead time can be longer, particularly if it is handmade. Hence, it is always a good idea to get the shoe early instead of later. Moreover, you should not wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. Ensure you have them a few weeks prior to the wedding and wear them for few minutes before the big day so that they can be molded to fit your feet and eased up.
  • Consider the wedding venue. If your wedding is supposed to take place in the garden then you should consider wearing flats. However, if you like heels, then opt for heel protector or choose a low heel. Make sure that the type of shoe that you choose works perfectly with the wedding location.
  • If you are ragged between comfort and fashion and you do not know whether to select stunning high heels or flats, then it is better to have both. For the part of your wedding day where comfort is vital, you can wear satin pointed wedding shoes with a tiny heel, and for the wedding moments where your look is more vital, such as the wedding photos, wear your high heels.
  • Take care when selecting shoes in the same color range as your bridal dress. They will be right away next to one another if your dress is of floor length, so if they conflict it will not go ignored. Ensure to take your dress fabric with you when selecting shoes and compare them. You should ideally look for an exact match, or two colors that are not too similar. This will help you to avoid clashing.

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