Monday, December 5, 2022

Ties Between the US and Iran

Well, today we are going to talk about some exciting and spicy news about two of the most important countries in the world, one being economically on the top of the world web and the second on top of having the most oil and fuel reserves. Have you ever thought that the countries that have both plenty, under their sleeves do not get along well?

This is yet another complex question, just like the IDN poker learning process! Well, we are going to talk about the trendy updates about the ties of both countries and how things have been working for both of them lately! So if you are interested in knowing about Iran and US ties, then you must make sure that you read this article in detail till the end!

No Mutual Understanding Between the Governments!

Mutually understanding the situation and handling it with a lot of care is what lacks between the two most powerful countries in the world. Neither Trump nor the Supreme leader of Iran is on talking terms with each other, not only that the press of both countries is always bashing the other one day and night.

Now in a situation like that both countries need a mediator to solve their indifferences and to clear out the air once and for all. Now there is only one country that is at some point trusted by both of the countries Iran and the US. If you haven’t guessed it till now, then the answer is the Islamic State of Pakistan! Pakistan is the only country which has strong ties with both countries because of the following reasons!

Religious Inclination Towards Iran!

Iran is a Muslim country, and the majority of the population belongs to the Twelver Shia Muslims. A large number of the population in Pakistan is also part of the Shia community, and so Governments have also been close together. Moreover, both countries share a very large border at the sea level.

Relations with The United States!

Pakistan has been a very important ally of the United States from the time of their war in Afghanistan, not only that the Pakistan army has been supporting the war in Afghanistan in the beginning stages till the time the war started to come out in the country itself!

So you see Pakistan is the country which is most trusted one for the people and the government of both countries, especially the now Khan government is said to be playing a very positive role in the region!

Both the US and Iran have blamed each other for terrorist activities against each other in the past and till day too. Iran blames the United States for the war it started and the destruction in Iraq and around the Holy shrines of their Imams. it is a fire that needs to be cooled before it affects the lives of millions of residents of both countries!

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