Thousands of Taliban members dismissed for ‘abuses’

The Taliban have so far dissociated about 3,000 members accused of abusive practices across Afghanistan, head of Purification Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Latifullah Hakimi says.

The commission that was launched after the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regained power last year is responsible for vetting the Taliban affiliates.

The commission mostly works on the complaints of people, videos on social media, and reports of common people about misdemeanors of the Taliban members, violation of law, and their abusive practices.

“They were giving a bad name to the IEA and were removed in this vetting process so that they build a clean army and police force in the future,” Hakimi told AFP.

“They were involved in corruption, drugs and were intruding in people’s private lives. Some also had links with Daesh,” Hakimi added.

So far about 2,840 members had been dismissed, he continued.

Hakimi further noted those dissociated were from 14 provinces and the process of filtering out will continue in other provinces.

Taliban fighters have been accused by rights groups of extrajudicial killings of former security force members, despite an order from the movement’s leader Hibatullah Akhundzada of an amnesty.

The Taliban took back control of Afghanistan in August 2021 after a 20-year insurgency against former US-backed governments and NATO foreign forces.

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