Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Tehran Hosting Exhibition of Contemporary Art Jewelry

The third edition of Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition is underway in Arya Gallery north of the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The main goal of the exhibition, the organizers say, is to challenge the modern world’s social, cultural and political issues.

Modern art jewelry builds on the common features of various art forms like sculpture, painting, industrial designing, and fashion designing, and has managed to gain a special and independent status for itself.

Other goals of the event include understanding the current potential in art jewelry, unveiling new trends in this area, getting familiar with the contemporary art practices, ideas, technologies and patterns in art jewelry, offering new insights to visitors with a focus on creativity in choosing raw materials, and combining them together and making unique pieces.

The exhibition also seeks to increase the visual quality of works with a focus on the new concepts of today’s world, pay special attention to non-decorative aspects of jewelry and lay the ground for Iranian artists’ presence in various national and international arenas.

The exhibition will be underway until March 11.

The following photos of the exhibition have been retrieved from Honar Online website:

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