Monday, December 4, 2023

Tehran court sentences US govt. to paying $420mn in damages for 1980 terrorist attack

A court in the Iranian capital, Tehran, has sentenced the United States to paying $420 million in compensation to 14 survivors of a US terrorist attack in Iran back in 1980.

“The US government has been sentenced to paying $420 million for the crimes committed during [US forces’] invading the Tabas Desert in Iran,” said the Tehran Legal Court of International Relations.

In their terrorist operation, American forces attacked, for no good reason, ordinary bus passengers and drivers passing by.

Operation Eagle Claw, also known as Operation Tabas, was a failed operation by the US Armed Forces ordered by then US President Jimmy Carter to rescue 52 staff members held captive at the US Embassy in Tehran on April 24, 1980.

The operation encountered many obstacles and failures and was subsequently aborted. 8 US servicemen were killed in the operation.

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