Thursday, June 20, 2024

US-Middle East

Iran: US responsible for instability in West Asia

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says Washington is accountable for instability in West Asia, adding US president Joe Biden is following the same policies adopted by his processor Donald Trump.

White House confirms Biden upcoming visit to Israel, Saudi Arabia

President Joe Biden will make his first trip to the Middle East next month with visits to Israel, the occupied West Bank and Saudi Arabia, the White House confirmed Tuesday. Talks over Iran will be among the topics to be discussed during Biden’s Middle East visit in mid-July.

Blinken to visit ME, North Africa to discuss Iran, Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to the Middle East and North Africa next week. The top US diplomat will use the trip to coordinate with US allies on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Iran’s destabilizing activities”, the Abraham Accords, and efforts to improve Israeli-Palestinian ties.

US General in UAE to bolster defenses amid Yemen attacks

US General Frank McKenzie arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday for talks on efforts to bolster the Persian Gulf state's defenses after a series of missile and drone attacks launched by Yemeni troops.

US says to deploy 5th-generation jets to region in support of UAE

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has announced a decision to dispatch a guided missile destroyer and the 5th generation fighter jets to the region amid increasing retaliatory attacks by Yemeni troops on the United Arab Emirates.

US says working on laser weapons in ME, citing Iran activity

The US Navy is working on laser weapons in the Middle East to counteract a significant upsurge in Iran's deployment and use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the region, top Central Command (CENTCOM) naval officer and US Fifth Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Brad Cooper says.

Ex-US diplomat: ‘Ridiculous’ to think Washington will leave ME

A former US ambassador to Damascus argues that it is “ridiculous” to think that the United States will leave the Middle East, particularly Syria and Iraq, in the near future.

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