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The latest news and views about United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE general accused of torture picked as Interpol chief

An Emirati general accused of torture has been elected as the president of Interpol, despite concerns of human rights organizations and members of the European parliament.

UAE embassy in Kabul reopened

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reopened its embassy in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. Amost all foreign embassies have closed in the country following the collapse of the previous government.

UAE FM meets with Syrian president in Damascus

The United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has held talks in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over bilateral relations and ways of expanding cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

Report: UAE FM in Damascus for talks with Syrian officials

Lebanese media outlets reported on Tuesday the United Arab Emirates (UAE) foreign minister has arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus for an official visit.

UAE recalls envoy from Beirut, advises citizens not to travel to...

The United Arab Emirates (UEA) has announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Lebanon and advised its citizens not to travel to the country. It follows recent comments made by a Lebanese minister over Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Ex-US intelligence operatives admit hacking for UAE

Former American intelligence operatives who worked as cyber spies for the United Arab Emirates admitted to violating U.S. hacking laws and prohibitions on selling sensitive military technology.

Iraqi resistance: Saudi Arabia, UAE run Daesh militants

A senior leader of the Iraqi Kata'ib Hezbollah resistance movement says the Saudi and Emirati spy agencies are directly running elements of the Daesh, after the terror group killed several policemen on a checkpoint outside the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Why Did US Media Disclose UAE-Israel Secret Meetings?

While the United Arab Emirates has been expressing willingness to ease tensions with Iran in recent weeks, the US news media suddenly disclosed secret meetings between the Emiratis and Israel. Now the question is why the Americans gave away such secret.

UAE Hatching Evil Plots against Neighbouring Countries, Arab World

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the name of a country that didn’t exist before 1971 when the area was called Emirates of Motesalehe or the Emirates of the Coast of Oman.

UAE Confirms Vessels Hit Near Fujairah Port

The United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a number of vessels have been targeted by “sabotage operations” near the territorial waters of the Emirati port of Fujairah.