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The latest news and views about the Israeli regime and its atrocities against the Palestinians

Iran blasts US support for Israel nuclear weapons program

The US continuous support for Israel, including its condoning of Tel Aviv’s dangerous nuclear weapons program, has made the realization of the idea of establishing a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East impossible, an Iranian diplomat says.

Israel approves settlement expansion in WB, Palestinians decry

Palestinians have demanded US intervention after Israel gave the initial approval for the construction of thousands of illegal settler units in the occupied West Bank near Jerusalem.

2 civilians killed in Israeli attack on Syria

An Israeli air raid on a Syria's central region killed two civilians and injured several others, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported on Wednesday.

EU diplomats denounce Israeli settlement policy in WB

Heads of missions and representatives from the European Union (EU) and like-minded countries have affirmed strong opposition to Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian in Jerusalem

Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian man in the Old City of al-Quds. It comes amid tensions over settlement expansion plans and forced expulsion of Palestinian families.

Iran urges UN to put spotlight on Israeli crimes

Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva has called on the UN to focus on heinous war crimes, crimes against humanity and blatant violations of human rights committed by Israel.

Report: US, Israel mulling short-term agreement with Iran

Washington and Tel Aviv are discussing the idea of having a temporary agreement with Tehran that will extend the time for negotiation to revive the Iran nuclear deal, Axios reported on Wednesday, citing US and Israeli sources.

Report: Israel bugs telephones in WB and Gaza

The Israeli military can listen to all mobile and phone conversations taking place in the West Bank and Gaza, intelligence source disclosed. A former Israeli military officer says harsh invasion of privacy provides Israeli Security Agency a system of control over the Palestinians.

Israel’s Netanyahu appears in court for corruption trail

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's fraud trial resumed on Tuesday, but judges granted a defense request to postpone a highly anticipated testimony.

Settler attacks on Palestinians on the rise

An Israeli rights group has documented 451 incidents of settler attacks on Palestinians since early 2020, with Israeli forces not intervening to stop the attacks in the majority of cases.