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Unique Wetland of Lipar in Southeastern Iran

The pink wetland of Lipar in Chabahar, southeastern Iran, is a unique natural place for those fond of marine environment.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Zalian Village

The Zalian village is located in the western part of the city of Shazand, 60 km from Arak, the capital city of Markazi province in central Iran.

3,000-Year-Old Village of Qerveh: A Major Tourist Attraction in Iran

The Qerveh village located in the western Iranian province of Zanjan dates back 3,000 years and has been built on a single piece of rock, drawing a large number of visitors each year.

Iran Marks National Day of Shiraz

Shiraz, the capital city of Fars province in southern Iran, is one of the country’s top tourist attractions and a cradle of civilization and art since ancient times.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Upside-Down Tulips in Mourpiseh Plain

The upside-down Tulip is a unique wild flower species native to Iran’s mountainous regions.

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Valley of Judas Trees in Kurdistan

The valley of Judas trees is a must-see site located alongside the Sirvan River in Kurdistan province, western Iran.

Kurds in Iran Observe Age-Old Customs during Ramadan

The Kurdish people of Iran have long had diverse and special rituals for the holy month of Ramadan and still adhere to them.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Spring in Hanam, Lorestan

Lorestan province in western Iran is known for its pristine nature, which is quite stunning during spring. What follows are Tasnim News Agency’s photos of...

Prehistoric Rocks Discovered in Southern Iran

Ancient conical pieces of rock bearing curious carvings have been discovered in southern Iran.

What to Eat in Iran: 10 Essential Persian Dishes

The well-known food website Food Republic has introduced 10 Iranian dishes and invited its users to try them during their visits to the country.

Dehdez; A Hidden Paradise in Southwest of Iran

Dehdez, a city in Izeh County of Khuzestan Province in the southwest of Iran, is considered as a hidden and lesser known region of the region.

French Castle; Historical Gem in Iran’s Shush

The historic castle of Shush was constructed in 1897 upon the order of French archaeologist Jean-Marie Jacques de Morgan as a residence for French archaeologists, near the tomb of Daniel the Prophet in the southwestern Iranian city.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kharg Island

Kharg, also spelled Khark, is a residential island of economic importance located in the Persian Gulf in Iran's territorial waters.

Persian Architecture in Photos: Shafi’abad Caravanserai

The Shafi’abad Caravanserai is located in a village with the same name in Kerman province, southern Iran.

A Look at 10 Delicious Iranian Desserts

In a different look at the Persian cuisine, an Iranian-American woman named Pontia Fallahi has introduced ten Iranian desserts that could be a different experience for those who travel to the country.

Photo of Old Iranian Woman Sleeping on Male Nurse’s Lap Goes Viral

A photo has gone viral in Iran showing an old woman infected with the novel coronavirus sleeping on the lap of a young male nurse on the floor.

Coronavirus Fears May Trigger Mass Hypochondria

While people in nearly all parts of the world are being bombarded with reports of coronavirus these days, it is necessary to prevent the psychological side effects of such constant warnings, relieve distress and learn more about a disorder known as hypochondriasis.

Free Coffee Served in Iranian City to Celebrate Religious Feast 

According to an old custom, people in the city of Zavareh in Iran’s Isfahan Province serve free coffee in celebration of the mid-Sha'ban Islamic feasts every year.

Benevolent Family Finds a Way to Help Autistic Children during COVID-19 Outbreak

An Iranian family with an autistic child has put their villa in Karaj at the disposal of the Adult Autism Empowerment Institute to make it easier for the families with autistic kids to observe health recommendations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tomato Jam: An Exotic, Tasty Dessert for Days of Quarantine

Tomatoes might seem incongruous ingredients for making a jam, but the final result will be undoubtedly one of the best desserts you have ever tasted.

Melli Bank Museum; A Must-See Site in Tehran

The Melli Bank Museum in downtown Tehran is a beautiful historic building that features exemplary architectural techniques of the late era of Qajar dynasty and includes a rich source of exquisite and valuable objects from different sections of Iran’s history.

Women Breathing New Life into Iran’s Qanats Using Handicrafts Revenues

Women in villages in southeastern Iran are using their skills to breathe new life into local underground water canals.

Sistan & Baluchestan; A Dream Land for Nature-Lovers

Sistan and Baluchestan Province, located in southeastern Iran, is the second largest province of the country.

Ecbatana; First Persian Capital with 3,000 Years of History

Hegmataneh, also known as Ecbatana, is a vast historical area in the centre of the modern Iranian city of Hamadan. The site is a historical hill covering a vast area in the modern city.

Iranian Village Boasts Legendary Humanoid Pieces of Rock

A village in northeast Iran boasts an area with legendary and marvelous pieces of rock which, strangely enough, lie next to each other in a regular order as if they were once humans.

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