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Some Tips on Writing Narrative Essay

Students around the world intend to polish their skills in essay writing. Let’s begin with some tips on how to write a good narrative essay.

There are quite a lot of essay types that students may draft during the course of their education. The narrative essays are perhaps the easiest ones yet tricky. As the name suggests, here the writer narrates his experience pertaining to the main point of the essay as a story.


The writer, therefore, must be aware of all the details related to the storytelling. There is a main point around which the story narrates and the writer provides all the details and explanations to support the story. These types of essays are creative in nature and depict how the writer is capable of using the senses of the reader to convey his message. In case you do not know how to write a narrative paper, you may seek assistance from an essay writing company such as


For writing a narrative essay, the writer may keep the following things in mind:


Engage The Reader by Every Possible Mean

Your story must be compelling enough from the beginning so that you grab all the senses of the reader. They see what you want them to see with the power of your words, they can feel the emotions of the writers at a particular time and they can taste the food if he is mentioning something about it.

Writers Own Perspective Is a Must

The basic purpose of the essay is to present a perspective, and therefore it is important that you are able to explain your behavior and responses in a particular situation. Otherwise, it would merely be a story without some meaningful or thought-provoking lessons for the reader.

Details Should Be Supportive Enough for The Story

Details must relate to the story and be as much as necessary for supporting the event.

Get Familiarity with Art of Story Telling

The conventions of a typical story should be a part of your essays such as setting, character, plot, climax, and ending. Learn the rules of storytelling.

Read Best Example of Narrative Essays

Reading examples will introduce you to the art of storytelling. Therefore, find some good sample essays and go through them as many times as you can. Reading does impact your style of writing, and you will certainly be able to write an A+ essay prepared by or the ones written by professional writers at


Good Grammar and Proofreading

If you have narrated a beautiful essay but there are grammatical errors, you just gave a bad impression. Try to use some app such as Grammarly to avoid mistakes and plagiarism

Avoid Unnecessary Details and Do Not Make It Boring

You have to consider the word limit if it is prescribed by your teacher. Within the given limit, you have to write a comprehensive story. For this, try not to mention the incident that does not make any difference or excluding which the essay can still convey the message.

Keep on Polishing It Until You are satisfied

This type of essay involves brainstorming and then preparing a rough draft. Now you have to polish it till the time you are satisfied that all the requisites of narrative essay writing are met.

Consider The Sequence

Narrate the story in order so that the reader can understand what happened and how things are interrelated

Follow The General Essay Structure

The structure is the same as a general essay follows but it’s in the style of a story. These basic elements of the essay include:

  1. The thesis statement, describing the significance of the topic in the introduction.
  2. In the body, give an overview of the story setting, people involved, the sequential incidents, the climax.
  3. The ending or conclusion in the last part.


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