Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Smog and Its Effects in Iran

Global warming and pollution have changed the weather in Iran in such a way that it has increased summer times to 7 months and the winters to 5.

While you are busy with the agent Sobet, the environment of Iran is getting worse day by day! Have you ever looked in your surroundings and see what are we people up to? We are unconsciously destroying our own home every passing minute! Well sadly, this is the truth and if you don’t trust this statement then maybe you are living in a fool’s paradise and you are not looking around you and how the environment has changed as compared to what it used to be two decades ago! If you are still in your teenage then you can always ask about the previous environment from your parents, we are sure you must have heard about it from them many times before.

Why Has the Weather Changed, Abnormally?

We will talk about the smog that has started hitting Iran, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries, but we will surely talk about the reason that has made the weather so abnormally unpredictable. In the past countries especially Iran, Pakistan and India were famous for having all the four seasons throughout the year. This was a big plus for all of these countries and they had a very peaceful year with mild weather which were enjoyed were all the people of these countries.

But today global warming and pollution have changed the weather in such a way that it has increased summer times to 7 months and the winters to 5. This is a tremendous and very serious weather change that can be felt by the citizens of these countries.

What Causes Pollution and Global Warming?

Now coming to the reason why smog has pollution iOS being caused all around Iran, the main reason is overuse industries that produce smoke waste along with the deforestation campaigns of the country to increase more industries and other commercial projects.

You see the citizens of these countries and not only these, but all of us around the world are doing deforestation of land for commercial purposes which are ruining the environment with devastating changes.

Smog is one of the biggest examples of pollution and weather changes. The fig and the smoke from the pollution we produce get back in our way by mixing up. If inhaled, it can sometimes be deadly too. This is the very reason that if you see in Iran, you will notice that the schools and other educational institutes have stopped functioning and have announced early vacations!

Effects of Smog!

Well, easy isn’t it to call out vaccinations and to make the kids even more happy about what we have done with the environment. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Instead of working on the solution of this menace we are not starting a campaign in schools to teach students about the negative effects of the pollution we are telling them to stay back at their home and relax while smog ruins their health and their academic future both. We need to stop taking things casually and treat this quickly!

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