Sunday, January 29, 2023

Remains of 2,700-Year-Old City Discovered in Iran

Iranian and German archaeologists have discovered the remains of a city belonging to the Achaemenid and Medieval times during their excavations in North Khorasan Province, northeast of Iran.

The city was discovered near the historical Rivi hill, which is located 3 kilometres west of Ashkhaneh in North Khorasan.

This historical site was registered in 1967 as a national heritage site, and the first phase of archaeological explorations was started in 2012.

A cemetery and works from the Bronze Age to more contemporary eras as well as the remains of a city of the Median and Achaemenid period have also been found at this site.

Iranian officials announced in November 2018 that the historical site will be open to tourists as of the New Persian Year (mid-March 2019).

What follows are the photos of excavation process retrieved from IRNA:

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