President Raisi likens Gaza war to Western-backed Iraq war on Iran

The Iranian president has drawn a parallel between the war crimes committed by the now-executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in western Iran during the imposed war of 1980s, and the massive Israeli strikes against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Addressing a crowd on Friday in the western Iranian city of Baneh, near the Iraqi border that bore a huge brunt of the war with the former Ba’athist regime through 1980 to 88, Ebrahim Raisi said, “During the (Iraqi) imposed war, the people of Baneh saw examples of what you see in Palestine today.”

He added, “If the US and Europeans crimes in the west of our country had been condemned yesterday, we would not witness such crimes in Palestine and Gaza now.”

President Raisi said that the same current that ravaged Iranian cities by funding the Saddam regime, are now supporting Israel to kill Palestinian people and raze their houses today.
“Four thousand Palestinian children have been killed. Where will this crime be dealt with?” he said.

However, the Iranian president sounded optimistic that the Palestinian resistance movement will emerge victorious in the face of the ongoing conflict that started on October 7.
Thw war has so far left nearly 10,000 Palestinians killed, almost two thirds of them women and children, according to Palestinian health ministry sources.

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