Saturday, April 13, 2024

Report: Many Palestinians refuse to leave their destroyed homes in Gaza 

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency ran a report on its Telegram Channel about a Palestinian old man who, like many other people in Gaza, prefers the path of resistance against Israeli occupation over leaving their land.

The Tasnim report’s title goes “The Story of an old man who keeps the roots of Palestine green”.

“Displacement is so painful both psychologically and materially, but any human being experiences the taste of life only once, says Mohsin al-Ayedi, nicknamed Abu Abdullah, a Gaza resident who lives on the debris of his home.

“For this reason”, Abu Abdullah goes on to say, “instead of getting displaced, you had better stay at the place that was once your home, because it belongs to you”.

The old man says when he returned to his house, he pulled out the broken trees from under the rubble of the building and replanted them and they gradually grew green.

Abu Abdullah expresses hope that the lives of all Palestinians will soon become green and beautiful like those trees.

Abu Abdullah lives in Deir al-Balah, Gaza Strip.

According to the Tasnim reporter in Gaza, despite the Israeli regime’s devastating war on Gaza, many families are refusing to leave their destroyed houses. For them, living on is preferable to leaving.

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