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Onboarding Application Softwares That Integrate New Employment Paperwork

Onboarding application softwares are used by business owners, managers and Human Resource officials to get a new employee hired in a scheduled and timely manner. With a good onboarding application, the process of hiring new employees can be more streamlined to create long-term employee relationships and eliminate any time consuming paperwork.

These onboarding applications handle the recruitment, performance management and task tracking of a new hire. Depending on the size of your business, you can customize the onboarding application onboarding application software to suit your requirements such as payroll integrations, mobile accessible operations, automatically assign tasks and more.

Most successful onboarding processes happen during the hiring process rather than on the new employee’s first day. Letting the new hires slowly adjust to the performance aspects of the company has to be done in a careful manner so as not to overwhelm the employee.

How to Carry Out Effective Onboarding?

To ensure that you have an effective onboarding process, try to include some of the following practises.
• Stay in touch with new hires a week before their first day.
• Communicate the company’s vision, mission and expectations.
• Setup a welcome package for new hires.
• Discuss and prepare in detail employee benefit packages.
• Create a structured schedule for the new hires first week.
• Have a specific section for feedback during the training sessions.
• Assist in setting up ID badges, workstation credentials, emails, passwords, etc.
• Complete all new hire paperwork such as payroll forms, tax forms (I-9, W-4, W-2).
• Provide employee handbooks and discuss employee code of conduct.
• After the first 3 months, conduct a performance review.

When to Use an Onboarding Application Software?

The main benefit of using onboarding applications is to increase employee productivity and help businesses improve their retention rate. The application software will completely automate the new hire onboarding process, resulting in time and money saved.

If the employee onboarding process is managed by outdated spreadsheets and cumbersome paperwork, you may misplace an important document or need more filing cabinets for space. A quality onboarding application can reduce redundancy, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and get your new hires up to speed.

What Does the New Employment Paperwork Consist of?

New employment paperwork are the documents required when starting a new job. If you have all the employment forms companies require beforehand, the joining process will be much easier and hassle-free on your first day.

All companies will require W-2 and W-4 forms along with form I-9. Some of these forms you may already have, if not, they will be available online or the company itself will provide you with one.

What are the Types of New Employment Paperwork?
Onboarding Application Softwares That Integrate New Employment Paperwork
Job Application Forms

New hires will be required to provide past employment details and education credentials along with certificates of completion. Job application forms for most companies can be downloaded online, only certain types of jobs that require a security clearance require the applicant to visit the company in person.

Make sure to have a copy of all previous work related and higher education documents as there is a chance the company may require proof of a college degree or ask you to provide your college transcripts.

Employment Contract Forms

The employment contract is what new hires receive on the first day. This will contain details of the job offered along with the pay structure. Other details listed on the employment contract are as follows.
• Company profile and information.
• Job description and designation.
• The length of employment (for contract-based work).
• The schedule and work timetable.
• Employee benefits and compensation.
• Employee responsibilities.
• Factors and conditions for possible termination.

Internal Company Forms

Internal company forms are part of new employment paperwork, the information required is for the company’s reference as per law. The details included on internal company forms are as follows.
• The employee handbook.
• Non-compete clauses.
• Non-disclosure agreements.
• Criminal record of new hires (if any).
• Drugs or alcohol related policies.
• Security and confidentiality agreements.

Previous W-2 Forms

It is normal for new employers to request a copy of your previous W-2 forms in order to verify the previous compensation from your prior workplace.

Some people may find this uncomfortable as certain employers may not always have your best interest in mind. You can check to see if your company requires form W-2 compliance and if so, how to obtain copies of your previous W-2 forms.
Onboarding Application Softwares That Integrate New Employment Paperwork
W-4 Forms

The W-4 form is also called the Employee’s Withholding Certificate. This is the amount of federal tax withheld from an employee’s paycheck and is calculated by the employer. All new hires are required to submit their W-4 forms and update them every year. The federal tax amount withheld is calculated based on personal information of the employee such as their filing status, family size, marital status, etc.

I-9 Forms

When you get a job offer in the United States, it is mandatory to prove that you are legally entitled to work in the country. For this purpose, the Employment Eligibility Verification form, also called form I-9, is required to be submitted by each new hire. The employer will keep a record of this form on file.

Apart from the information listed above, you will also have to produce original documentation that verifies your identity and work eligibility. These documents will consist of photographic identification such as a driver’s license, state ID or passport and a certificate which states that you are in the United States legally such as a social security card or an original birth certificate.

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