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Oleophobic Coating: What Is That?

Those who are using Smartphones these days are keen to protect glass screen of their handsets with tempered glass screen protector.

Most of the time good quality tempered glass screen protectors are coming from China. China’s wholesale market is the goldmine of good quality tempered glass screen protectors as you will find good quality screen protector supplier from there.

But whenever you are going to buy a tempered glass screen guard you will hear the term “Oleophobic Coating’ as one of its features. Even if you search Google or any other search Engines with the terms, – ‘features in tempered glass screen guard’ you will surely get Oleophobic Coating as one of the main features and makers of tempered glass screen guards are ready to boast about it all the time.

The question remains here is that what actually this product with a peculiar name is? What it can add to the screen guard?

The fact is that all new Smartphones are coming with really thin layer which is glazy and covers the entire glass screen of the handset. If we go by the dictionary, then you can take the word ‘Phobia’ and ‘Phobic’ to oily substance or do not have any affinity to oils. This is something that helps to keep your phone’s screen free of fingerprints spots and no oily and stickiness.

Good quality Oleophobic coating is equipped to provide resistance against smudges that are coming from fingers of the users. Just for your information, Oleophobic coating is not fully fingerprint proof but all the greases at bay so that screen of the smartphone remains crystal clear.

This coating ensures that users of smartphones don’t need any extra cleaning agent or solution to clean the surface of the glass screen with the help of soft cloth or microfiber cloth.

There are of course Smartphones from early days which do not have any oleophobic coating and the screen surface remained sticky with loads of fingerprint spots. So, in order to clean the surface of that Smartphone you need to have a cleaning solution and a piece of cloth. Otherwise the glass screen becomes hazy very often thus affecting the visual clarity.

Another great advantage of having oleophobic layer on your Smartphone is that it gives your fingers the freedom to run smoothly over the glass screen as it has a slightly slippery feeling on it.

Oleophobic coating also makes the glass screen surface of your smartphone scratch resistant. If you install a good quality tempered glass screen protector over the original glass screen of your smartphone you are actually taking extra precaution as all sharp object will slip or slide over the screen thus chances of having scratches are less due to lesser friction.

But remember, like everything Oleophobic coating too has its shelf-life. You cannot expect it to continue to protect your screen from oils and finger spots forever. It’s unfortunate for Smartphone users but it is true that effectiveness of Oleophobic coating will continue to wear off with passing time.

Longevity of the Oleophobic coating screen is depending upon the usage i.e. how long you are running your fingers over the screen and how many times. Remember, duration of the wearing-off varies person to person as each one has its one body oil, sweat secretion level. Moreover, it depends on the individual handset manufacturers as well as tempered glass screen protector manufacturers that how well they have treated the product with oleophobic coating and how good is the coating material that they have used.

In general, a good quality oleophobic coating lasts for almost 2 years (well this is as good as the life cycle of your Smartphone because within this time market will be flooded with whole new sets of Smartphones and your old one’s will stop taking software updates).

But constant mishandling, bad conditions (weather or home) can shorten the life of oleophobic coating to few months.

Remember; never ever use any alcohol-based solutions while cleaning your Smartphone original surface or surface of the tempered glass screen guard. Also, please do not use any detergent that you normally use for cleaning your clothes or even laptop screen. All these steps will ruin the coating very soon leaving your screen open to all the smudges, oily spots and finger spots. So, be sure that you are not going to ruin the protection by yourself.

To protect your smartphone, it is always advisable that you use tempered glass screen guard.

Installation of this type of screen guard will protect original glass screen as well as coating over the screen.

In this article we have tried our best to explain you about Oleophobic Coating and we hope you have now a fair amount of idea about it.

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