Saturday, May 25, 2024

Official: Iranian aid reaches Gaza amid Israeli regime’s blockade

In a significant development, Iranian aid has reached the people of Gaza amidst the Israeli regime’s ongoing war and inhumane blockade.

Saeed Ohaddi, the special assistant to the head of the Iranian Red Crescent, revealed: “So far, 10,000 tons of food, medicine, and biological products, along with approximately 190 billion tomans in cash aid, have been sent to the Gaza Strip from the people of Iran to support the oppressed Palestinians.”

Despite the challenges posed by the Israeli regime’s blockade, Ohaddi emphasized that the aid was successfully transferred to Gaza through meticulously planned routes with the assistance of cooperating nations.

The aid delivery comes at a critical time as the region continues to grapple with humanitarian crises exacerbated by the Israeli regime’s relentless aggression.

Notably, since October last year, over 35,000 Palestinians have tragically lost their lives due to the Israeli regime’s seemingly unending war.

Moreover, famine is rampant in Gaza, with children and women bearing the brunt of its devastating effects.

The scarcity of food and resources has led to a dire situation, further compounded by the blockade imposed by the Israeli regime since 2007.

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