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Mobile Ads in Social Media: Why It’s Important, How Not to Lose Your Opportunity

Why mobile advertising is nowadays a must-have in any advertising campaign: this is a thought-provoking article for those who are tired of all those long research studies.

Social media is an important part of our lives. There are not so many people who are not signed up on social networks. People of all ages, professions and hobbies now actively type messages in chats, reposts funny images, watch videos with cats or retweet someone’s ideas. As technologies grew, users have shifted from personal computers to mobile devices and, obviously, a great weight of ads here are mobile ads.

eMarketer has provided a very interesting statistics. According to it, nearly 70% of the budgets devoted to social media advertising are controlled by Facebook, Twitter and Google. Overall income is expected to reach 60 billion of dollars and the expenses on mobile advertising expenses will grow up to 70%.

Why you should care about it?
There are 3 key reasons you should add social medias in your advertising campaigns:
1. Mobile devices create ecosystem where people actually hang out.
a. Smartphone is a primary device nowadays a person gets access with to social media.
b. Personal computer or laptop is a habitual thing in every family, there can be even several of them, but mobile devices are cheaper, offer almost the same set of functions as a computer (if we talk about surfing the Internet and watching videos), but cost less and, thus, are better sold.
c. A half of loggings into Facebook and video views are caught to be from mobile devices.
2. Mobile users are more active in social networks.
HubSpot has shared some results of their investigation that says that mobile users eagerly share the content than desktop participants. The ads become more effective when active users are targeted. Facebook mobile ads have 186% higher CTR in comparison with desktop ads in the newsfeed, and the price for click is less to 22- 24%.
3. Mobile advertising is prevailing in social media.
Facebook is said to have almost 80% of income from mobile ads, that is 20% more in comparison with previous year. The tendency is expected to remain as more and more people use primarily or basically to surf social networks.

Interesting thoughts were also given by the founder of Quattro Wireless mobile ad network:

Mobile ads have had a lot of transformations before we can see them as they are on the advertising platforms One of the most important thing is targeting granularity that is actively used by marketers and advertisers. Nowadays so many options are offered for mobile devices that one can focus on crucial clusters. This targeting can be considered on the highest level and the matter will go further. Suddenly you may become even more focused, however, you still have an area where significant results can be reached. You get things separate and very interesting information when you have your big audience in one block, another point is the detailed information you got and their relationships.

Traditional channels will be still a pain in the neck as they can’t provide marketers with so close relations with the clients. It is probably the key difference marketers sometimes cannot understand and launch their campaigns in social networks as a tribute to fashion.

We are not talking about growth of users amount. The idea is about pushing advertisers to study their clients and provide them with the best and most comfortable experience in advertising on mobile platforms and through mobile media. There was a time gap before advertisers could see how effective Instagram can be in focusing on visual effects. Advertising in stories has recently started to be actively implemented and being adored.

There is nothing new under the sun
Current situation is the same we could see nearly two decades ago. When the Internet has appeared, all users have gone there while marketers could be just in time if one is fortunate. Certainly, there is understanding where people are, however, there still should be marketing improvements of skills for that. Comfort zone, new skills acquiring and evaluating should be certainly done around new platforms.

To say it simply, the first movie didn’t appear a month later after television invention. The same problem we face with mobile ads marketing, and we should think how to overcome it. The problem can sometimes be in the marketers’ reluctance to try something new as they feel satisfied with the results they already have, while new technologies will require a lot of time and understanding.

Mobile devices are top-winners among time burners, as people are glued to their screens when they are caught is a traffic jam, on their way to work or just having nothing to do, that is absolutely different kind of interaction we sit in the office and our work. The idea here is to be attractive, interesting, useful and informative.

However, there were more time spent for shifting advertising dollars from traditional ads to mobile devices. But now it is a stable flow of money, as they amount of advertisers and their versatility grow.

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