Friday, December 9, 2022

‘Jews in Iran Freely Perform Rituals as First-Class Citizens’

Homayoun Sameyah, the head of Tehran’s Jewish community, says Jews in Iran enjoy complete freedom and great facilities, as the Iranian government believes they are separated from Israel and its extremist ideology.

Sameyeh, speaking in a meeting on achievements of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, said the Iranian government has recognized their citizenship rights and allowed them to freely perform their rituals as first-class citizens.

“Before the Islamic Revolution, Iranian Jews didn’t feel free and some of them were even sentenced to death or prison. But they have enjoyed religious freedom since the 1979 Revolution,” he noted.

“In early [months of] the revolution, some thought the Jewish community of Iran are Zionists, but this view was later put aside, thanks to the wise positions of Imam Khomeini [leader of the revolution] that the [Iranian] Jewish community is separate from Zionists,” he said.

He then referred to the contributions made by the Iranian Jews to the Islamic Revolution and said the community has not only sacrificed the lives of a number of its youths for the victory of the Islamic Establishment against enemies but also provided it with great physicians and skilled forces.

The Jewish figure said members of the Jewish community in Iran have been allowed to have their own schools and theological courses in the country, and they currently have five schools only in the capital Tehran.

Jews have been living in the country since 2,500 years, he said, adding that Iran is a country which respects other religions and cultures.

“Following the revolution, followers of all religions were granted equal rights and this has strengthened cohesion among the Iranian people.”

“The Islamic Revolution enabled such cohesion inside the country, realizing sustainable security inside the country, which cannot be found in other regional countries,” he said.

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