Saturday, July 13, 2024

Japanese mother of Iranian war martyr dies

A Japanese woman whose son was martyred during the imposed Iraqi war on Iran in the 1980s has died. Ms. Koniko Yamamura died of an illness in Tehran on Friday.

She was the mother of Mohammad Babaei who was martyred after getting hit by shrapnel from a shell fired by the forces of Iraq’s former Baathist regime.

Ms. Yamamura chose the name Saba after she married an Iranian Muslim in Japan when she was 20 years old and moved to Iran later.

Ms. Yamamura’s life was totally changed after her 19-year old son Mohammad was martyred.

Iranian writer Hamid Hesam, the Islamic Revolution Artist of the Year in 2018, has authored memoirs of Ms. Yamamura.

The book is entitled “Immigrant of the Land of the Sun”.

Ms. Yamamura is the only Japanese mother whose son was martyred during the imposed Iraqi war.

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