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IRGC Army Chief: Message of peace, friendship for peace-seeking countries

Commander of revolution guards Army said here Saturday in a meeting with foreign embassiesˈ military attaches in Tehran that Iranˈs message for entire peace-seeking, freedom-seeking, and humane countries of the world is a message of peace and friendship.

ˈOur message for all the peace-seeking, those that support freedoms and prestige of the human beings around the globe, and especially our neighboring countries is strengthening (the foundations of) peace and friendship and proof for this claim is the past 200-year history of Iran, in which there is no trace of invading any country,ˈ said Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour.

Focusing on the nature of the IRGC, Pakpour stressed the revolutionary aspect of that force, arguing that the revolution guards use forces who are pious believers, popular, revolutionary, and responsible and its prophecy and mission is preserving and safeguarding the Islamic Revolution and its precious achievements in various fields.

Brigadier General Pakpour said that the IRGC Army is one of the strongest forces of the revolution guards with numerous capacities which have emerged and well nurtured in the course of the 35 years of its prolific life.

He referred to encountering the anarchist rioting of the disturbers of social security and anti-revolutionary groups that were pursuing to defeat the revolution intrigued by the aliens during the early years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

ˈThe mighty presence of the IRGC Army during the pride-inspiring years of the eight-year Sacred Defense War (against the invasion of Saddam) and its comprehensive defense of the territorial integrity of Iran are among those moves,ˈ said Pakpour.

Brigadier General Pakpour said that safeguarding the countryˈs borders in sensitive parts during the years after the Sacred Defense during the years after the war and encountering the anti-revolutionary forces in those parts where they were commissioned to disturb the peace and security of the Islamic Republic of Iranˈs border regions was among the other missions of the IRGG Army.

The land force commander of the revolution guards reiterated that the praiseworthy victories of the IRGC Army in the establishment of an acceptable level of security in its mission areas in the southeast and northwest regions of the country despite the prevailing foreign sabotage and intrigues, and the eye-catching victories of this force in its line with its preventive force missions are among its other achievements.

He said that the effective and successful presence of IRGC Army in relief and rescue operations during natural disasters, such as flood and earthquakes are among the other achievements of the force, adding, ˈAlso in the field of the countryˈs construction, resorting to the engineering units of the IRGC and based on the Islamic Republic of Iran Governmentˈs demand are among the other moves of this revolutionary organization at the service of the people and the system officials.

Brigadier General Pakpour said that assisting the government in eradication of poverty in deprived parts of the country, including offering medical services, development projects, cultural work, academic services, and the like are among the other services offered by the IRGC Army.

Focusing on the ongoing developments in the region and the world, he said that during the recent decades the objective of the arrogant powers and the liar supporters of the human rights at the international scene, especially in the Middle East, has been waging wars, fomenting internal disputes within the Islamic countries, genocide, massacring women and children and the innocent civilians of the region, sowing the seeds of discord, and promoting disputes among the Muslims, regardless of their being Shiˈa and Sunni.

The revolution guardsˈ army commander reiterated that the entire mentioned plots were conducted pursuing a single objective, which is weakening the Muslims and strengthening he usurper Zionist regime, and the devastating wars wages in the region bear sufficient proof for the authenticity of that claim.

Brigadier General Pakpour said that that is while the Islamic Republic of Iranˈs stands have always been promoting unity and friendship among the world countries and nations contrary to the mentality of the arrogant powers, and grasping to the divine teachings, as the entire world nations have been harmed and bothered due to arrogant and unilateral thoughts and deeds.

The commander of the IRGC Army emphasized, ˈWe believe all world nations must enjoy full independence in heeding their internal affairs, and that is the essence of democracy, which the global arrogance is opposed to.ˈ

Present in the event, there were the military attaches of 35 foreign embassies, including from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Oman, Austria, Poland, Ecuador, Turkey, China, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, India, Japan, Algeria, Greece, Ukraine, North Korea, and Indonesia.

by Islamic Republic News Agency
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