Iranian researchers convert injecting chemo drugs to edible forms


A majority of drugs used in chemotherapy need to be injected at medical centers. With higher absorption, edible chemo drugs can be taken in the comfort of home by patients.

Iranian researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences have developed a drug carrying system, capable of converting injecting chemo drugs to edible form.

Shahrouz Saremi, the lead author of the research, said studies were made to produce mucoadhesive nano-particles using chitosan polymer for transferring edible anti-cancer drugs.

He said the study is focusing on designing a system which converts injecting drugs to edible forms so that patients could undergo chemotherapy through edible medicines without having to visit medical centers.

The researchers produced the edible drug using thiolated chitosan and polymethyl methacrylate polymers.

He said the drug combinations are kept within the nano-particles and are absorbed by body gradually.

The Iranian researcher said the method also increases the level of drug absorption. The nano-system can be used for carrying drug in chemotherapy. The studies were conducted on Docetaxel chemo drug.

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