Iranian Pumpkin Tahchin; A Must-Try Dish for All

Iranian Pumpkin Tahchin; A Must-Try Dish for All

Iranian Tahchin is a rice cake primarily consisting of rice, yogurt, saffron, and eggs. Some versions of the dish are more elaborate, folding in chicken fillets, vegetables, fish, or red meat.

Tahchin is often made with meat or chicken, but the one made from pumpkin is different, and it is recommended to all to try this delicious dish at least once.


Pumpkin: ½

Rice: 3 cups

Chicken meat: 400 g

Oil: As much as needed

Brewed Thick Saffron: 5 tbsp

Onions: 2 medium ones

Turmeric: 2 tsp

Salt: As much as needed

Low-fat yogurt: 1 cup

Egg yolk: 4

Iranian Pumpkin Tahchin; A Must-Try Dish for AllDirections:

Soak the rice first with some salt for four hours. Put an onion, washed chicken, salt, turmeric and some water into a pan and heat. Allow it to boil over high heat and then reduce heat until the chicken is cooked. Chop the chicken when cooked and put it aside.

Peel the pumpkin, wash and then chop it into medium-sized cubes. Peel and wash another onion. Chop and fry it in four tbsps of oil. Then, add the chopped pumpkins and sauté more. Be careful not to crush. After a minute or two, turn off the flame and add the chopped chicken.

At this stage, select an appropriate pot and heat some water in it. After boiling, pour the soaked rice in it, wait to boil, and then rinse when the rice softens slightly. Mix egg yolks, yogurt, and saffron with a little salt to make a uniform liquid. Add the rinsed rice to this mixture and stir.

Choose a non-stick pot. Pour 5 tbsps of oil, and half of the mixture into the pot. With the back of a spoon, level the surface of the rice slightly. Then, add the chicken and pumpkin and add a layer of rice again.

Repeat this until the material is finished. Increase the heat first to let the rice steam slightly, then lower the flame and place on a brewing mat. Wait for an hour till Tahchin is cooked gently.

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