Sunday, January 23, 2022

Iranian president: Ill-wishers bent on scuttling ties with neighbors

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Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has urged vigilance as “ill-wishers” are bent on torpedoing ties between the Islamic Republic and its neighbors.

Raisi was speaking at the cabinet session on Sunday. He referred to the 40 percent rise in exports of Iranian non-oil products, saying it comes as no surprise that adversaries seek to disrupt relations at a time when Iran’s focusing on efforts to expand economic trade with neighbors.

Raisi noted that officials must look into claims that Iran’s agricultural products have high pesticide residues to see if that is the case or such allegations are politically-motivated.
The president also spoke of the inflation in Iran, saying numerous measures have been put in place to control prices and monitor the market, but the current market situation shows a solution must be found immediately to inflation.

Elsewhere in his comments, Raisi referred to the government’s plan to bring about changes in Iran’s administrative system. He said changes in the administrative system should make it efficient, adding that all administrative bodies, in addition to trying to fight corruption, unhealthy relations and bribery, must also implement approvals of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

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