Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iranian Health Ministry urges hike in sugar prices over health concerns

Iran’s Health Ministry has proposed that the government increase sugar prices or end subsidies on sugar to protect people’s health.

The director general of the Nutrition Improvement Office of Iran’s Ministry of Health referred to the high consumption of sugar in the country, saying the proposal to increase prices or eliminate sugar subsidies is aimed at keeping people healthy because Iranians consume too much sugar.

Zahra Abdollahi noted that a priority of the Health Ministry is to reduce sugar consumption in society. She said research shows that the per capita consumption of sugar in Iran is much higher than the recommended amount, and this is a main cause of overweight, obesity, diabetes and some cancers such as pancreatic cancer.

Abdollahi added that due to the high consumption of sugar and sweet substances, people’s tastes have shifted to the consumption of sugary foods, and therefore, officials must work on reducing demand and consumption in different ways.

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