Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iranian General and defender of shrine killed by gunmen in Tehran

An Iranian General who fought against Takfiri terrorists in Syria has been gunned down by unknown attackers on Sunday in downtown Tehran.

The assassination happened at nearly 4 pm on Mojahedin Eslam Street in downtown Tehran. The gunmen riding two motorbikes opened fire on him while he was entering his house.

Reports say the victim is Brigadier General Hassan Khodaie and that the attackers emptied three bullets into his head.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps confirmed the assassination of General Khodaei, describing it as a “criminal act of terror” by “counter-revolutionary elements and lackeys of global arrogance”.

Security forces have started a manhunt for the assailants.

The Iranian combatants who fought against terrorists in Syria are known in Iran as “defenders of the shrine”.

The majority of Iranians view the defenders of the shrine positively, arguing that had they not fought the Takfiris in Syria, Iran would have had to fight the terrorists on its own soil.

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