Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iran to unveil new-generation of radiopharmaceutical to cure cancer

On the National Day of Nuclear Technology, Iran is set to unveil a new generation of medicinal radiocompounds developed by experts at home to detect and cure different types of cancer.

Lutetium-177 (LU-177), the latest achievement of Iranian nuclear scientists, will be unveiled during a ceremony that will be joined by President Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday.

With a half-life of 7 days, Iranian-made LU-177 will have a stronger effect compared to LU-77 and is the indigenized version of the medicine. LU-177 works to destroy cancerous tumors by connecting to the receptors of the tumor and spreading rays in the affected area.

This mechanism helps prevent metastasis by disrupting blood circulation around the tumor. It is a type of radionuclide which has drawn attention from global scientists.

The new-generation LU-177 has low-energy photons and facilitates gamma camera imaging.

Possessing 50 types of radiopharmaceuticals, Iran ranks first in the region and exports its products to other countries.

Samarium-153, Phosphorus-32, Yttrium-90, and Iodine-131 are also among the Iranian-made radiopharmaceuticals

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