Saturday, December 10, 2022

Iran Sees No Prospect for Talks with US ‘for Now’

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi says the Islamic Republic is currently not engaged in any talks with the US administration, and does not see any prospect for such talks for now.

“Currently we’re not engaged in any negotiation with the US administration,” Mousavi said on Tuesday in his first regular press conference as the foreign ministry spokesman.

“For now we don’t see any prospect for negotiation. We should wait for developments and [new] conditions,” he added.

He also noted that Iran has not closed the path of diplomacy based on the history of interactions and its political, national, and security considerations.

“This does not mean we’ve pinned our hopes on Europe. We want Europe to fulfil its commitments,” he added.

He also pointed to US President Donald Trump’s recent softening of rhetoric regarding Iran, and said, “Iran does not pay much heed to words and rhetoric. What matters to us is a change of behaviour and approach.”

In a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Monday, Trump told reporters, “I’m not looking to hurt Iran at all. I’m looking to have Iran say no nuclear weapons.”

“No nuclear weapons for Iran and I think we will make a deal,” Trump added.

Trump also touched upon Iran’s great economic potential, saying the Islamic Republic has the chance to turn into a great country.

Japan’s Mediation

Mousavi also confirmed reports of Japanese PM Abe’s visit to Iran, saying the exact dates are being finalized.

Asked whether the visit will be aimed at mediating between Tehran and Washington, Mousavi said he would not use the word “mediation” in this case.

However, he added, we listen to the points mentioned by countries which pursue the issue with good faith.

“Mediation has requirements and prerequisites. The tensions between Iran and the US have roots that must be considered. They are rooted in the US’ violation of its commitments and Washington’s economic terrorism.”

Mousavi said Tehran will listen to the points mentioned by its friendly countries. But “we’re not currently in the phase of mediation.”

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