Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iran rights body: Only 10 percent of poisoning among students were due to chemical stimulant

Iran’s Human Rights Council has said a small percentage of the recent poisonings that have happened in Iranian girl schools were due to a chemical stimulant.

The council noted in a statement that less than 10 percent of sick students had inhaled the non-lethal stimulant.

It added that immediately after the poisonings, experts of the health ministry began their field investigations and released their findings.

The statement also said the chemical agent was not for military use, adding that the majority of students went through nervous breakdowns without being affected by the chemical agents.

The Iranian rights council further maintained that some people have been arrested in connection with the poisonings and a probe is ongoing.

It stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a government abiding by human rights values, regardless of any pressure, psychological warfare or efforts to politicize the issue, will do its best to pursue the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The council said those behind the poisoning will not be spared.

Hundreds of students have been poisoned in the past few weeks in several Iranian provinces, causing concerns among parents and the public over the health of the students at schools.

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