Thursday, December 7, 2023

Iran says maintains reservations about “two-state solution” to Palestine crisis

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry says Tehran has reservations about the two-state solution to the Palestine crisis despite the fact that the provision regarding the issue has been incorporated in the summit of the Islamic states in Riyadh.

Nasser Kanaani said on Sunday, “The resolution approved during the OIC meeting in Riyadh, despite having a strong text, has several provisions about which the Islamic Republic of Iran has always expressed reservations in the past.”

He was referring to the summit meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in the Saudi capital on Saturday.

Kanaani said, “Again during the high-level segment meeting attended by top-ranking officials and foreign ministers, it was reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran does have reservations vis-a-vis certain provisions of the resolution, especially including the two-state solution, the 1967 borders, and the Arab peace plan.”

The spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran also has reservations about the position of the Arab group in the resolution regarding the PLO being the only legal representative of the Palestinian nation. Iran believes that all Palestinians and Palestinian groups, including the PLO, are the representatives of the Palestinian nation and have the right to fight against occupation and self-determination according to international law.”

Kanaani emphasized: “These cases were also reflected by the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Jeddah in an official note to the OIC Secretariat and will be reflected in the final report of the meeting.”

Iran says the solution to the Palestine crisis lies in the return of all Palestinian refugees to their motherland and the holding of a referendum with the participation of all Palestinians including Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Tehran also says any Palestinian state must be established in all Palestinian lands.

In other comments, Kanaani also described the provisions of the Riyadh summit resolution as strong and solid.

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