Iran rejects Taliban claim on low-quality gasoline exports

Iran’s Customs Administration has rejected Taliban’s claim that they returned 12 fuel tankers containing low-quality gasoline to Iran.

Spokesman for the administration Seyed Rouhollah Latifi says 12 tankers were sent back to Iran from Afghanistan, but he added, they contained light hydrocarbons.

Latifi also said that two tankers were initially returned to the Milak customs administration in Iran’s southeastern Province of Sistan and Balouchestan, but they were sent back to Afghanistan based on a request by the Afghan businessman, who bought the fuel.

Latifi further stressed that documents in Iran show the shipments contained light hydrocarbons and Iran is not liable for any claim by the Afghan importer that the shipments contained gasoline.

The official noted that there is footage, released by the Taliban, that clearly shows Afghan businessmen trying to buy low-priced products instead of gasoline.

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