Iran renews call for lasting ceasefire in Gaza

Iran has reiterated its call for an end to Israeli atrocities in Gaza and for a ceasefire to take hold there.

“Iran’s persistence in the establishment of an immediate and lasting ceasefire means bombardments and killings of civilians in Gaza should stop,” said Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Amir Saeed Iravani.

“The war between the resistance front and Israel will continue until the [Israeli] occupation [of Palestinian land] ends, but the sphere of this war should not spread to civilians,” he added.

“The military power of the Palestinian resistance front is not aimed at eliminating Israel; rather, it is aimed at stemming the expansion of occupation and forcing this regime to leave occupied territories,” Iravani explained.

He said the Israeli regime has no power to commit acts of aggression without Washington’s support, and warned the Biden administration, “With the Gaza war dragging on, the cost of the US support [for Israel] is increasing exponentially. The US should either restrict this conditional support or fall victim to Israeli rulers’ excessive demands,” he added.

“Israel has become so costly for the United States: material, political and, above all, moral and credit cost in the eyes of the world public opinion,” the Iranian envoy noted.

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