Saturday, December 9, 2023

Iranian interior minister denies female spectators banned from entering stadiums

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi denies claims that women are not allowed to enter football stadiums in the Islamic Republic.

Vahidi said there is no ban on women entering stadiums.

The interior minister said women’s entry into sports complexes to watch matches is only contingent upon measures to prepare those places for the required purpose.

He added that naturally, it takes time to make necessary preparations in stadiums.

Vahidi however said stadiums like Azadi in Tehran are those women can enter to watch matches.

The interior minister added that sending signals to FIFA to insinuate that in Iran women cannot watch football in stadiums is at odds with national duties.

He said it seems that some people from inside Iran give information about the issue to FIFA.

Vahidi stressed that these people can express their views without telling others that are outside Iran.

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