Iran says wants full disarmament of Iraq-based secessionist groups

Iran’s top military commander has expressed dismay over Iraq’s failure to take adequate action with regards to secessionist in the Kurdistan region, saying the Iraqi side's measures have not been enough.

“Our main agreement with Iraq was not only the tactical relocation of secessionist groups and transferring them to somewhere beyond borders; rather, what we had in mind was their full disarmament,” said Chairman of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri.

Iran has in the past targeted the positions of the ant-Tehran groups in northern Iraq. Iran says the groups are engaged in terror activities inside Iran.

The top general also touched upon the great significance of the West Asia region.

“Countries in the South-West Asia region, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, are located in a unique and exceptional area due to its strategic and political geographical situation, being regarded as a major linking route in the world, having strategic straits and rich fossil fuel resources … and being home to holy shrines …; accordingly, colonial powers have always been trying to exploit and undermine the regional powers,” added the senior commander.

He said the enemies have always sought to sow discord among countries in the region as well as among different ethnic and religious groups to keep the region engaged in conflict, so that they will be able to use these disputes as a pretext to maintain their presence in the region.

General Baqeri also referred to the conflict between the Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia.
“Whatever Azerbaijan has done so far has been the regaining of its territorial integrity. In other words, through the developments in recent weeks, the country managed to secure its full territorial integrity and sovereignty,” he explained.

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