Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iran develops smart surgical drill

Iranian researcher Peyman Dehqani develops a smart surgical drill that helps prevent the side-effects of knee and hip joint replacement surgeries.

An Iranian knowledge-based company developed a smart drill to improve orthopedic surgical procedures.

Peyman Dehqani Rad
Peyman Dehqani Rad

The drill helps prevent side-effects of knee and hip joint replacement surgeries.

Peyman Dehqani, who designed the device, said the project was supported by the Presidential Office’s Department of Science and Technology. He noted that using the drill prevents damage to nerves and arteries of bones.

Dehqani further said the smart drill has been used in knee and hip joint replacement surgeries in Gilan Hospital, northern Iran. He explained that the orthopedic surgical drill can detect sudden changes in drilling speed as well as changes in the tilt and direction of the drill.

“Up to now, 12 drills have been produced in the company,” he said, noting that about $233,000 million are needed to launch a production line of the smart drill

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