Thursday, February 22, 2024

Iran calls on the IAEA to remain independent, act professionally

Iran’s representative to the International Organizations in Vienna urges the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, to maintain its independence and observe professionalism in dealing with the Iran atomic issue. Kazem Gharibabadi was speaking after the IAEA chief issued reports to member nations about the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and its safeguard agreements with the agency.

Gharibabadi said all of Iran’s nuclear activities are legal and within the framework of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, NPT, and also in line with the Islamic Republic’s safeguards commitments.
He also said no one can demand Iran stop its atomic work as the other sides to the nuclear agreement, otherwise known as the JCPOA, have failed to abide by their obligations and the US’s unilateral and illegal actions including sanctions on Iran continue.

He also referred to a deal between Iran and the IAEA under which Tehran allowed the agency to continue inspections of Iranian atomic sites, saying that agreement was valid for three months.

Iran’s representative added that Tehran’s interacted with the IAEA in a constructive manner with the aim of resolving all disputes over its nuclear program. Gharibabadi also rejected the claim that issues reflected in the IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi’s reports to member states were urgent. He said, “The serious concerns are the nuclear arsenal of the Israeli regime, acts of terrorism and sabotage at Iran’s nuclear sites, and the assassination of Iranian scientists”.

Gharibabadi said the IAEA has not been courageous enough to speak about those issues.

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