Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iran army chief says Israel “too small” to pose threat to Islamic Republic

Iran’s army chief has slammed comments by the chief of staff of the Israeli military that the regime is “ready” to attack Iran without the help of the US, saying “on an updated scale”, tackling Israel requires an operation the size of just one of the operations Iran carried out during the 1980’s war with Iraq.

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said such comments by Israeli officials are an attempt to hearten Israeli forces and cover up the domestic problems the regime is facing.

“The Zionist regime, which is sinking, and indications of its collapse are now evident more than ever before, is too small to pose a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the unwise and unsound moves by the leaders of the regime will only speed up its collapse,” General Mousavi said.

Iran has warned Israel of retaliation at the right time and place after the regime killed two Iranian military advisors in airstrikes in Syria last week.

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