Sunday, January 29, 2023

‘I Can’t Say If Israel or Hitler Is More Barbarous’: Turkish President

While Ankara and Israel are trying to improve relations, in a rare interview with Israeli press, Turkish President made controversial comments.

According to a report covered by Fars, the President of Turkey said in his first interview with the Israeli press in more than 10 years that he could not decide whether the Holocaust or Israeli military offensives in Gaza were “more barbarous”.

“I don’t approve of what Hitler did, and neither do I approve of what Israel has done,” Erdogan said, adding, “When it’s a question of so many people dying, it’s inappropriate to ask who was the more barbarous.”

He told Channel 2 he was “well aware” of the sensitivities associated with Hitler, blamed for the deaths of some six million Jewish people in the Holocaust, The Independent reported.

But he said he found it “impossible to forget the hundreds, the thousands of people who died when [the Israeli military] struck Gaza”.

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