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How to Plan and Execute Your Move

Moving is a tough job. You cannot just accomplish this task in one day. You need to have a proper plan from where to begin and how to do so that things run smoothly.

Moving is not just keeping the things in a truck and carrying away. You need to properly pack them in containers and then move otherwise you can miss on something or even thing could break. So it is really important to have a plan and then properly execute it. Given below is a proper plan on how to begin with the moving process and how to accomplish it.

First, have a plan

Planning is the most important aspect of everything. Especially when you begin you need to understand how much cost will be involved. For this, you can use a moving cost calculator which will help you to know a different kind of expenses and what will be the total. It will make things easy for you. Even in this stage, you will know about how many boxes you will need, how many people you need for help, how many days would be required for packing plus how will you manage delicate items. Basically, this will be a stage which will help you to build a layout. This is the first step so as to have a smooth moving process.

Discard the things which are of no use

Usually, when you begin with packing, you get emotional on certain things and pack them along when you actually don’t need them. That is something wrong. You need to understand the process of decluttering that is selling the things or give it to someone so as they could use it. When you start taking everything along, the cost of moving increases plus your load also increases.  Sometimes things even get spoiled after some time when you don’t use. So, what’s the use of taking things along when you really don’t require them? So declutter first and then pack.

Start with the room which you use the least

We usually have a guest room or storeroom in the house where we keep certain things and are don’t use them much. So begin your packing with that room. Have different boxes and label them like cupboard 1, drawer 1 etc, so that you have an estimate of which thing you have kept in which specific box. If you hire some professional aid too then also make sure you put such taglines so that things could be located easily.

Pack fragile items in separate boxes

You have certain glass places or glasses, use specific boxes for them which has division. After you put them to fix them with tape and properly put things so that there is no space for things to move inside. Even mention fragile on it and the quantity and types of things in it so that you can know what you have kept where. Bubble wrap the things and use a lot of thermocol so that your delicate items stay safe.

Pack your electronics in the boxes you purchased them

When you pack your electronics use the boxes in which you purchased. It is important because they are of the right size and they will keep the things safe but if you don’t have those boxes then get boxes of just the same size so that the electronics do not move in it. It is same as fragile items. If there is space, then things will move and you won’t be able to protect it from breakage. So get the same size boxes and then do the packing.

Pack your daily utilities in a separate box

When you enter a new place maybe it’s just one lane away, you need to understand that when you enter the home you won’t be able to open all the boxes right away. It will take time. So prepare a bag which has your daily utilities so that starting three-four days you can easily stay without opening all the boxes keep your basic toiletries, clothes, medicines and such things so that you can easily manage your stuff. Don’t forget to put two or three minimum towels as you would require them the most.

Pack your kitchen in the end

We usually start packing the kitchen at the first without realizing that how we will cook. So the basic utensils and food items should be packed in the end. Even when you pack to take care that the liquid items are either properly pack or you leave them there only so that they don’t spill in between.


Lastly comes the stage when you move. Count the number of boxes first and then load them.   Check for around four to five items that you don’t leave anything there. Say all your family members to repeatedly open the drawers and check below the beds and such areas so that you don’t forget something. Once loading is done, you need to be careful that your jewellery and basic utility bag is with you. That is something you would require when you reach. So be careful about that. Even the important documents and cash should be in your hand as on the way it can be stolen or torn off. So be careful.

Thus this is the whole process on how, to begin with, packing and then reach your new place safely.

Hope you have a happy move.

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