Monday, October 3, 2022

Highlights of Ettela’at newspaper on August 24

A special look at the headlines Ettela’at newspaper covered on August 24.

 London has appealed for expansion of oil, banking and insurance cooperation with Iran.

The call came at meetings between visiting British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond and Iranian oil minister and the governor of the Central Bank of Iran.

 Inflation in the 31 days to August 22 stood at 13.8 percent.

Urban inflation in the year-ago period was down 0.3 percent over the preceding year.

 Iran and Britain have reopened their embassies in London and Tehran.

Phillip Hammond described the reopening of the British embassy as a historic moment in London-Tehran ties.

 “With wise decisions we turned into a regional power,” said Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Speaking at a gathering on nuclear talks and political sciences, the Iranian top diplomat said that Iran’s might stems from self-confidence and defiance in the face of attempts at domination.

 A national vehicle technical test system will be launched soon.

The system allows the traffic police to locate vehicles when they enter the pollution reduction zone.

 Private details of people’s bank accounts remain just that: private.

The National Taxation Administration will only be allowed access to the information of those who owe back taxes.

 The services of memorable medical figures have been praised.

At the ceremony, Health Minister Hassan Hashemi kissed the hand of his onetime professor Alireza Yalda.


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