Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hand-woven Persian carpet motifs to be registered globally

Iran is bent on taking out patents on its world-famous carpet motifs.

Head of Iran’s National Carpet Center Hamid Kargar says Persian carpet motifs will be registered globally in line with supporting carpet producers and developing export of hand-woven Persian carpets.

He told IRNA that the hand-woven carpet is a cultural, economic and social product that helps bring in hard currency and that Iran’s National Carpet Center as the guardian of this major industry in the country should take all aspects into consideration.

Kargar further said one of the main programs of the center is propagation and dissemination of information on hand-woven Persian carpets which will cover foreign markets in addition to domestic ones. […]

He pointed to the provision of banking loans, insurance for all carpet weavers and education for all those involved in this industry as some of the measures which have been taken so far for the development of carpet industry.

Kargar said one of the important measures of the center which has been launched to support hand-woven Persian carpet is registration of carpet pattern and motifs in the name of their creators, adding that the National Library of Iran and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance have cooperated with the center in this respect.

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