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Sarooq Rug: A Hand-Woven Persian Rug Popular among Western Buyers

The Sarooq rug is a kind of hand-woven Persian rug and a handicraft with international reputation.

The Sarooq region enjoys a long history in terms of producing handwoven carpets. Sarooq and Jiria are two villages in the north of Arak, central Iran, and women there have special dexterity in weaving carpets. The centuries-long history of weaving carpets in these two areas has made the brand name Sarooq famous, so much so that European and American businesspeople are well familiar with this brand.

Of course, weaving this type of rug is more popular in Jiria and most Sarooq carpets are woven by local residents. The special feature of hand-woven Sarooq rugs and carpets is that they bear geometric and curvy designs.

Traditional designs have two forms: Afshan or Toranj. The Toranj design bears hexagonal, oval, rhombus or round shapes with which rugs are decorated.

The most attractive traditional design is Lachak Toranj which is made up of a geometric, and at the same time flowery shape reminiscent of nature.

Although Sarooq carpet is very famous, still experienced and sharp eyes are required to distinguish original Sarooq carpets from other rugs woven in adjacent villages.

The following are images of weaving Sarooq carpets courtesy of Mehr News Agency:

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