Hamas brands Netanyahu as “Hitler of era”

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "the Hitler of our era", stressing Israel has failed and will continue to fail to achieve any of the objectives it pursued through its war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Osama Hamdan, the movement’s senior representative in Lebanon, made the remarks at a press conference in Beirut on Saturday.

The regime launched its onslaught against Gaza on October 7 in response to an operation by the territory’s resistance movements, dubbed Operation al-Aqsa Storm.

Through its act of aggression, Israel has been pursuing such proclaimed goals as eliminating Hamas, releasing scores of captives who were seized by resistance groups during their operation, and bringing about permanent displacement of Palestinians from Gaza.

Hamdan described as “the failed war trio” the three key Israeli politicians who have been spearheading the war on Gaza; namely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and two of his war cabinet ministers, Benny Gantz and Yoav Gallant.

The trio, he added, “did not achieve any of their aggressive goals in their ongoing Nazi war against the Gaza Strip and their goals will not be achieved, God willing, and their dreams and illusions will be shattered”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hamdan stated that Netanyahu has suffered a “strategic defeat” by failing to bring about the release of the captives, who remain in the hands of the resistance.

“If this Nazi enemy wants to return its captured soldiers alive, this will not happen except after a complete cessation of aggression and then through a negotiated deal according to the resistance’s conditions,” he asserted.

Hamdan described the Israeli prime minister as “the Hitler of our era”, saying that “the fascist” occupation regime “does not care about the lives of its soldiers and officers and throws them into the furnace of this battle knowing that once they enter Gaza alive, they will not leave it except in pieces.”

Nearly 19,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, while thousands more are suspected to be buried under the rubble.

According to the Hamas official, the regime has committed about 1,700 massacres against civilians and defenseless, innocent people over the 71 days that have passed since the onset of its aggression.

He added that Israel continues its indiscriminate bombing of schools that house thousands of displaced people, shelter centers, tents, citizens’ residences, and hospitals that are protected by the international humanitarian law.

Nearly 300 Palestinians have been also killed in the occupied West Bank, where the Israeli regime has similarly ramped up its aggression since it started the onslaught against Gaza, he noted.

“All of this is happening in front of the world with American and British support and [the backing of] some European countries,” the Palestinian official said.

He condemned the United States’ unbridled military and political support for Israel, which has supplied the regime with more than 10,000 tons of military equipment, and has also vetoed all United Nations Security Council resolutions that called for a ceasefire.

“[US] President [Joe] Biden and the American administration are still partners with the occupation in massacres, ethnic cleansing, and killing of women and children [in Gaza],” Hamdan stressed.

“The Unites States’s stance that is ‘shifting’ – we are still doubtful and do not trust the US. Its position is emanating from a crisis that could cost President Biden the upcoming election. If they wanted, they could stop providing weapons to Israel and not use their veto at the UN Security Council,” Hamdan continued.

“They are still complicit in this occupation, ethnic cleansing, and killing of women and children. We call on all European countries that reject this aggression against us to pressure the United States to stop the ‘greenlight’ to Israel for the genocide of our people.”

The senior Hamas official said more than 8,000 people are missing under the rubble from Israeli’s bombardment on top of the death toll of more than 19,000. He added 70 percent of the dead and missing are women and children.

“If the enemy wants to bring back its civilians and soldiers alive, it will never happen unless it stops the aggression completely and negotiates a deal.”

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