Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Governments Considering Online Gaming Restrictions Due to Addiction Fears

Governments around the world are imposing restrictions on online gaming because of the fear that they may result in addiction.

Spending a lot of time indoors is problematic for most people, especially when there is no clear deadline inside. Granted most have realized the importance of not leaving the confinement of their home during these trying times, the psychological impact is strong nonetheless. Everyone is trying to find ways to cope with this unexpected and frustrating situation and many have found a refuge in online gambling.

Internet casinos provide an excellent form of entertainment now when it is not possible to leave the house and you can play and visit online casino UK sites legally. Some people bet on sports, others choose to spin the reels of slots, while some have discovered the thrills of online poker. Unfortunately for them, governments of several countries are considering restrictions for online casinos, as they are overly concerned about the dangers of addiction.

What are governments worried about?

Online gambling is legalized in most countries and people can bet on sports and play casino games lawfully at licensed operators. The United Kingdom is a shining example of country where such activities are regulated and people are not exposed to the dangers of playing at shady operators. Things are about to take a turn for the worse, as those who enjoy this type of online entertainment could be subject to a new wave of restrictions and limitations.

Sports betting has virtually stopped or was replaced by videogame tournaments, but online casinos are thriving. That’s because the same account grants players access to all forms of gambling and people can use the same resources to try different genres. Now governments are concerned about the prospect of gambling addiction hurting people both on short term and in the long run. They are particularly worried about regular punters who in the absence of sports might take a leap of faith with other games.

Isolation carries big risks especially to those who have a background of gambling addiction. With a lot of time on their hands and nothing to do, many are tempted to return to online casino games. Reducing the length of gaming sessions is a sound advice, but one that is more difficult to follow during these trying times. The authorities are worried that with nothing else to do, people might bet significantly larger amounts than they can afford to lose. Eventually this can lead to financial rule and despair.

What measures are proposed?

The classic safeguards are in place and people who worry about spending too much time gambling online can contact professional aid groups. Gamstop and other services are available to those who want to block gaming websites, hence protect themselves from the threat of gambling addiction. At the same time, members of the parliament have asked for stricter measures to be enforced during the crisis.

Some propose limitations on the amounts that players can bet on various games genres, while others suggest a carpet ban on all forms of gambling. The chances for such drastic measures to be enforced are low, but nevertheless worrisome for both online casinos and their players.


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