Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Final communiqué of Baghdad Conference urges increased efforts to fight regional challenges 

The Baghdad Conference in the Jordanian capital Amman wraps up its second meeting with a final communiqué in which participants call for boosting efforts to tackle regional challenges.

Their communiqué then urged efforts to implement the agreements they reached in the first session of the conference to support Iraq’s security, stability and democratic process.

The participants in the conference also reaffirmed their support for Iraq in its fight against terrorism and condemned terrorism and extremism in all their forms.

The communiqué supported Iraq’s efforts to achieve comprehensive development and its efforts to create economic integration.

It underlined the resolve of the participants to work with Iraq across its many sectors, including energy, water, electricity, food security and health, transportation and infrastructure projects.

They discussed the consequences of regional and international crises on Iraq and the region and stressed that overcoming these crises requires comprehensive regional cooperation as well as serious and effective economic and political solutions.

The communiqué said the conference shows the desire among participating countries to support Iraq’s central role in boosting regional economic cooperation and promoting regional dialogue and that all this helps end tensions and establish constructive regional relations.

It noted that achieving economic development requires constructive regional relations based on the principles of good neighborliness, non-interference in internal affairs of regional countries and respect for international law.

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