Sunday, October 1, 2023

Female MPs to Focus on Empowering Women Breadwinners

Implementing a comprehensive plan aimed at empowering women heads of families is the priority of female parliamentarians, MP Soheila Jelodarzadeh said.

The number of women heads of families should be recorded in a data bank, the female MP said, adding, if breadwinner women are recognized and supported, they will be able to pursue a normal life.

Currently, around 2.5m female heads of families are living in the country, IRNA quoted Jelodarzadeh as saying. These women need to be supported to keep them from becoming socially vulnerable.

Although women are generally more vulnerable compared to men, breadwinner women are more subject to social difficulties, since they should provide their families with the means of livelihood, she noted.

Female MPs will make all possible efforts to support this sector of society in helping them solve their problems, she concluded.

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