Ex-Iranian diplomat: Iran needs JCPOA revival more than US does

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s former director general for Middle Eastern affairs has said Iran needs the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, or JCPOA, more than the US does.

Ghassem Mohebali made the comment in an interview with Noandish website. He noted that Iran has no choice but to get the deal revived given that it is facing many economic woes.

Mohebali maintained that nothing is more valuable than the prosperity and well-being of citizens. 

Mohebali said all parties to the Vienna talks had better resolve the issue as soon as possible, saying opponents of the revival of the JCPOA managed to hamper the negotiations and “we are in a situation where it’s unclear what the future holds in store for the deal.” 

The ex-Iranian diplomat said a key obstacle to the revival of the JCPOA is that Republicans in the US have created many hurdles for President Joe Biden to prevent him from signing a deal with Iran. 

Mohebali added that the Republicans and Israel do not want Washington to enter into any negotiations and dealings with the Islamic Republic. 

Mohebali said if the JCPOA is not revived, then Iran should move toward a détente to prevent things from going from bad to worse. 

He warned that if Iran’s case is sent to the UN Security Council, Tehran will be in trouble. 

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly said it seeks a robust and lasting nuclear deal, but it has not tied the economy of the country to JCPOA.

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