Friday, April 12, 2024

There’s evidence Russia offered to help Iran’s missile program in exchange for military aid: CIA director

Director of the CIA William Burns says that the alliance between Russia and Iran is developing rapidly, an emerging narrative that he called "disturbing."

“It’s moving at a pretty fast clip in a very dangerous direction right now, in the sense that we know that the Iranians have already provided hundreds of armed drones to the Russians, which they’re using to inflict pain on Ukrainian civilians and Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. We know that they’ve provided, you know, ammunition for artillery and for tanks as well,” Burns said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Burns added the CIA is also seeing signs that Russia is proposing to help the Iranians on their missile program, and at least considering the possibility of providing fighter aircraft to Iran, in exchange for military aid in their ongoing military operation.

US officials had alleged Iran has provided Russia with drones for use in the Ukraine war. Both Tehran and Moscow have repeatedly rejected claims over Russia’s use of Iranian-made drones in the Ukraine war.

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