Saturday, December 9, 2023

Enemy bent on shattering Muslim unity: Sunni scholar

Today, efforts to maintain unity are essential and we need to avoid things that might play into the hands of the enemy, said Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami.

The enemies of Islam are using the weapon of discord as they seek to undermine Islamic nations, Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami, a Sunni member of the Assembly of Experts told a gathering on terrorism, border geopolitics and security in Mashhad on Monday.

The following is the translation of an excerpt of a report Mehr News Agency filed on the comments of the Sunni scholar who hails from Sistan and Baluchestan Province in the southeast:

“Today, efforts to maintain unity are essential,” he said, adding, “We need to avoid things that might play into the hands of the enemy.

Reviving our revolutionary mottos and giving road-map status to the thoughts and instructions of the late Imam and the Supreme Leader have always prevented the materialization of the enemy goals, he said.

Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami went on to say that the nature of differences among states and religions has remained unchanged. “Only the way those differences play themselves out has changed, and now the division in question has manifested itself in the form of IS.”

He further stated that in pursuit of their objectives, the enemies of the Muslim faith seek to oversee the break-up of Islamic nations. “They are trying to redraw the maps of Sistan and Baluchestan in line with a decades-old plot which was seen in Germany almost 90 years ago.”

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