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Direct conflict between NATO, Russia inevitable if West sends troops to Ukraine: Moscow

A direct military conflict between NATO and Moscow will be inevitable if Western forces are sent to Ukraine, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.

“In that case, it’s not going to be about probability, but inevitability – that’s how we assess it,” he said, when asked how the Kremlin assesses the probability of a direct conflict between NATO and Russia in the event that Western troops are sent to Ukraine.

Peskov also stated NATO countries “should also assess” the consequences of such actions and be aware of them.

They should “ask themselves whether this corresponds to their interests, and most importantly, to the interests of the citizens of their countries”, Peskov continued.

French President Emmanuel Macron earlier said at a news conference following a meeting of European leaders that there was no consensus about sending ground troops to Ukraine, but did not rule this out as an option for the future. He added that Western countries plan to do whatever is takes to prevent Russia from prevailing in the conflict.

Macron’s statements about the possible deployment of French troops to Ukraine shows a complete lack of awareness, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

“As for Emmanuel Macron’s statements about potentially deploying NATO troops to Ukraine, <…> one gets a strong feeling that the French president realizes neither what his subordinates say nor what he says himself,” the diplomat wrote on Telegram.

Zakharova pointed out in this regard that just a month ago, the top French diplomat had denied that Paris was involved in recruiting mercenaries for the Kiev regime, slamming direct evidence as “crude Russian propaganda”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman drew Macron’s attention to some dubious moments in French history, stressing, “In April 1945, the French SS division Charlemagne was defending Berlin along with some other units. They were among the last ones to be awarded the Nazi Knight’s Cross in the Third Reich.”

“French members of the SS division Charlemagne were the last defenders of the Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery,” she added.

“Emmanuel, have you decided to form a Charlemagne deux (two) division to defend [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky’s bunker?” Zakharova said, addressing the French president.

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